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Asia's pollution exodus: Firms struggle to woo top talent


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Moving to Bangkok is like going from the fire to the frying pan.

No job is worth your family’s health...

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One, the world's everything's made in China, you reap what you sow. And two, China doesn't give a d@&n about the ambient.

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A friend who took a good job in Seoul is leaving after one year purely due to the air pollution. I imagine most of it must be coming from China. He had originally planned on staying at least five years.

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I hear that one reason for Tokyo's recent real estate boom is because companies who relocated to China a decade or two ago are returning to Tokyo. Lots of talent, especially talent with kids, refuse to go to China and other parts of Asia where polution is severe due to health concerns.

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In the last 20+ years, the United States has created organizations such as the U. S. Green Building Council, because of the growing concern of pollution.  I strongly recommend Asian countries, read some of the material which this organization publishes, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Green_Building_Council.

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I remember that the air pollution in Los Angeles was so bad in the 1950s that they would not let children go outside and play. It was literally difficult to breath.

The air quality here has gotten much better since the 1950s, despite a many-fold increase in population. There are many steps that can be taken to improve air quality, and they need to be implemented, IMO. BTW, I read an article which concluded that the acidification of the lakes in North America is mostly due to air pollution from Asia. Also, I read an article in Scientific American magazine which showed satellite pictures of smog clouds from Asia going entirely around the northern hemisphere. China and India are poisoning more than just their own people, which is bad enough.

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This is the same in all countries not only Hong Kong. In Japan, people are running away from not only bad enviromental health but also mental heath as depression from harassment is very high to the level of killing oneself.

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