Asia markets surge after Trump's speech


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I may be wrong but all of this seems like misplaced euphoria. He is a disruptor. The US doesn't have piles of free cash to pay for all this. and political risks remain high. Just need the courage of my convictions to sell these markets......

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So the speech is done. Only time will tell if it was a lot of hot air (which I suspect) or it will actually be followed by effective action.

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US market has been very strong and pricing in more and more the proposed $1 trillion spent on infrastructure, plus massive tax cuts. Probably Trump will get about 50% of what he proposed done after horse-trading among Republicans. Rate hikes will be more forthcoming from the Fed. Trump will also have weak Dollar policy as a US economic competitive anchor at the expense of Asian exporting nations like Japan. So expect relative stronger US market while Asian markets rally will be disappointed as US has basically will disadvantaged Asia exporters. Trump is basically a contentious, aggressive winner take all guy, adopting an America win all in foreign & trade policies, which in the longer-term is myopic and self-destructive though short-term has been and will be bullish for the US for a while.

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Half way to crude oil self-sufficiency. Low prices at the pumps. 2.5 % GDP increase forcasted, bigger than some countries. Enormous tax base. Fishing is good. It maybe short term but it feels good.

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