Asia stock markets decline amid inflation, oil price worries


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The stock markets are just casinos.

No they aren't. Casinos have the odds against you. Otherwise they'd quickly go bust. Stocks have odds for you, as historically and over the long terms, prices go up.

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The stock markets are just casinos.

If the markets were in any way related to the mess the economy and society is in, they would not be inching up or down. They would be crashing like plates at a Greek wedding.

Climate change, the pandemic, border closures, trade sanctions, increased regional conflicts, one of which will eventually snowball, shortages, supply chain failures, sectors wiped out by lockdowns, and governments targeting tech and the other corporations that have sustained the global economy for decades.

Enjoy the fantasy whilst it lasts, but don't be surprised when the collapse comes.

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This move has long been coming.

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That poor chap in the photo looks like he has the burdens of the world upon his shoulders. Somebody please buy him a drink!

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And if more expense means means less plastic bags in Japan that is surely a good thing

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Isn’t inflation good?

Times articles here have told us that people go out and buy things because they think they’re going to be more expensive in the future.

Therefore, the stock market should be roaring along shouldn’t it?

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