Asian markets skid on jitters over future Fed action


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Buy the dip!

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It will follow US markets back up again.

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The Fed will likely raise rates before 2023 and that’s why the markets are reacting.

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MMMMMMMM. T hese markets are not following the right direction.

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Yeah, its like we're going to raise rates next year.... so dump now.

The usual news related Knee jerk reaction, which will revert based on some good news, and then.. in a years time will tank again with the "what you didn't know? We told you in advance..." stance.

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If Japan still had an Equity Derivatives Market of note... it would be a great time to make an absolute packet here.

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How ridiculous these markets are. Fed talks about doing something insignificant in like 2 years and they get the jitters. shows they are floating on a tide of cheap money. Fed anyway can't raise rates much as that will bankrupt to US Treasury and also many corporates. And meanwhile inflation builds across the world. Central banks have basically ruined the world economy with their incessant meddling.

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The S&P 500 is only about 2% below its all-time high set on Monday

And how about the Japanese Nikkei?

It’s June already and doesn’t look to me like it’ll be cracking its all time high above 39,000 anytime soon…

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