Tokyo market to stay bullish on cheap yen


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But when the massive price rises kick in and consumption tax kicks in and consumer spending collapses, they will no longer be cheering. This is a false period.

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Who are these exporters I keep hearing about? Major automobile makers and electronic appliance makers have moved everything overseas so they are not significantly exporting anymore... Consumers who will be paying more for imports (gasoline and most food at the supermarket) definitely aren't cheering... So who exactly is cheering, I wonder...

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If the yen stays at ¥100/US$ without weakening more, will this market continue to rise?

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So who exactly is cheering, I wonder...

Aso, Abe and Abenomics- they are in festive mood ever since they toppled Noda !

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a rising stock market portfolio, does not mean the bottom line, or rather the people are becoming, wealthier. Society is no longer driven by market economics, since society is a market on itself.. speculative consumption.. Nation states no longer exist, on the basis that printing money by the central banks, and upholding the national GDP through the bonds market, defines.. confidence..

the next bubble pop will be the sovereign debt crisis.. were the hard-working taxpayer, has to bailout the incompetence of politicians brought out by the speculative bankers.. or wait, it already started.. in the 19th century.. (Greece).

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Nikkei has now fully priced in Abenomics after a 65% rally. Time to take profits. Nikkei will crash when the euphoria over Abenomics proved to be overly optimistic. JGBs yields are going higher.

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