Asian shares climb on China data, Wall Street rally


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The S&P 500 rose 16.19 points to 2,799.55. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 0.1% to 23,537.68, the Nasdaq jumped 1.7% to 8,532.36 and the Russell 2000 index of smaller stocks slumped 0.5% to 1,178.09.

White House guidelines outlining a phased approach to reopening businesses, schools and other areas of life have hinted at light at the end of the shutdown tunnel.

It was at 18,000, so things are looking positive. Watch it roar back in 6 months, all the while, haters here will pray for a 2nd wave of corona. They are loving the stock market tanking and unemployment numbers.

What a sick bunch.

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The Chinese are certainly back at work.

Chinese air quality along the industrialised eastern seaboard in particular has worsened this week.

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Just use yr brains, no matter , how anyone counts, the chinese population has over taken america.

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promising news about new drugs out of Chicago and elsewhere. The US usually goes hard and paves the way.

Hoping for the best.

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Hmmm. The markets do seen a bit rosy at the moment. Maybe another big correction when the real pain becomes evident. That's the question. And how far ahead are the markets looking? A lot to get through.

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Once the market starts to grasp the devastation to the real economy, prices will tank again, but eventually stage a very strong rebound.

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what China did , just unleashed the virus , made the world market crash , and then bought the stocks for companies very cheap. Its expected it from them!!

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It's really interesting to watch two propaganda machines trying to shift blame their response to the virus in different directions. China stating it's a CIA false flag operation in China, and America pretending their own disaster of a response is the fault of China, the WHO, a democratic hoax, and well pretty much anything.

The degree to which propaganda works can be clearly seen by the number of posters just on this site pushing these two propaganda issues.

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