Asian shares fall as investors mull Chinese growth data


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China has yet to announce a second round of stimulus spending, which would still help World markets. Still US fed policy is unsustainable and without a relief package the pain will be dire.

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china's economy is probably half lies anyway, just how their gold reserves were found out to not be what they said it was.

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Which political committee decided on the numbers to publish?

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Disengage china , stop them from participating in the world and its markets. How does it work when they start firing missiles in the pacific, are they still able to be in part of the stock market then ?

Shut them down now, they have made enough threats for us to know they are not able to cooperate or be suitable to engage with the rest of the world in a civilized manner, deal with the fall out from it now it will only be much worse later.

The world has tried to encourage china development growth and maturity and welcome into the modern world to participate as a valuable member as a positive contributor but it continues to behave like a petulant brat and is determined to bully its way .

They seem to be basically peasants with no manners and no idea of how to interact in the real modern world in an acceptable manner , the CCP is a fascist bunch of criminals .

This post will be deleted because it is off topic , offensive/vulgar or some other ridiculous rubbish. but it is the truth and the mods know it.

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This isn't the same world anymore. China's role in the global economy was always a given, but now we are all in an unofficial state of war against Beijing. Beijing declared war on the modern world by erasing human rights, rewriting the history books in their favor, and pursuing expansionist policies that have no place in a globally run economy. They dont understand intellectual property and have banned Winnie the Pooh for God's Sakes..and anyone who tries to do business with them is spied on the moment they and their smartphone set foot in China. The rest of the world remains hostage to them. We dont grow unless China grows? Get over this insanity.

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China should be avoided in every sense until the CCP is no longer in power and a government similar to that of Taiwan is running China. It's not only the good for the rest of the world but it allows the Chinese to live their lives and really move forward.

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