Asian shares mixed, oil higher after Russia price cap pact


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Oil's up.

So Russia is already making more money.

Real smart move.

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China recently saw several days of protests across cities including Shanghai and Beijing as public frustration with the COVID-19 curbs boiled into unrest. Some demanded Chinese President Xi Jinping step down in an extraordinary show of public dissent in a society over which the ruling Communist Party exercises near total control.

It is interesting the sudden amnesia the western press has.

Back in 2012, then again I'm 2014 and 2016 most news outlets were reporting on how China functions with around 500 protest going on on daily at any given time.

That is what I said 500 protest daily.

It seems it is part of the system most end without incident others end with the police cracking down.

It is a form of how to get change in a one party state system.

Over the years these protests have stopped certain projects, gotten roads built, had corrupt officials arrested, etc...

The usual complaints are housing, power infrastructure and living conditions in general.

These protests are no different as most are demanding a return to normal or at least proper food and drinks in better living conditions if they are going to be confined.

The difference today is the western governments looking for a distraction on how badly they handle the Russian and Ukraine situation plunging the world economy in to a tailspin.

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Wow... Such a shock... European consumers will be paying more for their energy to hurt Putin by giving him more money.

Shouldn't really be a surprise as almost every oil and shipping analyst has predicted exactly this.

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well this so called "oil cap" brought its fruits in very first day.

this means that Russia could make more money thanks to "smart move" of EU and west "leaders" decision.

keep in mind that Russia will not provide oil to countries agreed with this so called "oil cap",wondering what Japan will do and how many % of oil imported here is from Russia.lets hope that common sense will prevail as same as with gas from Sakhalin.

whoever thought this so called "oil cap" will damage Russia badly was wrong and near future will prove that."heroi" will need to "crush" moskals longer as Russia is not going to step back even by one inch.

Russia will easily sell their oil to countries like China,India etc as demand is high and will stay high.

oil price will go more up-more money they make.

even they will lower their output because of cosing business with most of EU and USA etc.

be ready for narratives that petrol etc costs more here because of Russia and war in UA.not because of "smartness" of EU and west leaders ready to wreck own economies in name of US interests.

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