Rate hikes, inflation tug Asian shares, British pound lower


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If all of this doesn't signal an imminent economic and financial crisis I don't know what does.

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Clueless Truss and her equally clueless Chancellor have driven the Pound down.

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Selling England by the Pound.

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BOJ's lame attempt to buy JPY lasted for like what, 2 days?

it's back on track to JPY150/USD.

I have officially lost hope for JPY.

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The UK "elite" was tripping over itself to be the front man in US/NATOs confrontation with Russia. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Like the Romanian commanders at Stalingrad asked and the Germans and were quickly granted the privilege of being the first to storm Stalingrad...... Trotsky said, "history repeats. First as tragedy and then as farce." The UK has been turned into farce.

I just hope Japan can get out from under the American jackboot very soon or I fear it's heading down the same path.

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Selling England by the Pound.

Some of us get it :) Classic

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Some of us get it :) Classic

I think everyone gets it. It's just not particularly witty or funny. Don't mean to say it's the opposite of that either. Just neither here or there but I can assure you, you aren't in any kind of exclusive club because 'you get it'.

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I think everyone gets it.

Hi Eric, it’s an old Peter Gabriel Genesis album title from 1973. Their 5th album, though Trespass is my favorite from 1970.

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Selling England was the first Peter Gabriel Genesis album I bought, and yeah it’s probably my favorite of his ones. Love Firth if Fifth.

But yeah for those who don’t k ow what we are mumbling about, the album was written at a time when the UK was in a rough patch, I gather, and it is perhaps a similar kind of time today.

I am a big supply side fan though so rooting for Kwasi Kwarteng’s plan to be a success. Need a gutsier central bank though.

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Love Firth if Fifth.

Just assume piano.

I am a big supply side fan though so rooting for Kwasi Kwarteng’s plan to be a success.

Well word is he’s a genius. I hope he works out for ya’ll.

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It’s an exciting time in the UK

People are getting a leg up to combat inflation.

More money (tax cuts) means more discretionary spending.

I’m looking forward to making more money off this novel economic approach.

Messrs Truss and Kwarteng, I salute you!!!

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Yesterday, with the dollar rate, selling mortgages were suspended. Not much help for the poor with their cost of living struggles. Many decide between taking a bath and heating.

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