Asian shares mostly decline on global technology downturn


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 SoftBank, which has reported hefty losses...

Nearly 50 billion in the last six months. Way to go, Masa! I'm not crying about the Saudis losing their shirts over the incompetence and hubris of Softbank's chief. Just the opposite. LOL.

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China has said it's extending threatening military exercises surrounding Taiwan, disrupting shipping and air traffic and raising up a notch worries about trade.

When it comes to market, you can't ignore the elephant in the room - China.

The Pelosi trip certainly confirms China as the player with the upper hand, particularly against the Biden administration.

The overwhelming percetion is: Australia, NZ, Taiwan, SK, & Japan relies on USA as the prime security partner, BUT relies on China as the prime trade partner, and no one dares upset China.

Whilst China relies on USA as a trade partner, it has so much leverage over USA corporates, USA has been made impotent by its own corporates.

Expect this to be the pattern until more US companies decouple from China for supply chain, investments and cheap imports. How much of Walmart's product lines is from China again?

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