Asian shares rise on Fed rate hopes despite China worries


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“A headwind for Asian markets is the COVID situation in China, where investors seem to be avoiding local assets and commodities as the country is seeing near-record numbers of COVID cases. Broad restrictions will keep weighing on risk sentiment and macroeconomic fundamentals, putting pressure on the outlook for cyclical stocks and commodities,” Anderson Alves at ActivTrades said in a commentary.

Difficult to be more explicit in the disqualification of the Chinese strategy, and the worst thing is that from the point of view of public health this is completely unnecessary.

Being optimistic this would be more than enough to dispel the appeal of the Chinese market on investors overseas, but being realistic some people will always ignore very real risks only looking at possible (but unlikely) huge gains in the future, in that part there are some parallels with how crypto is being treated.

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The only take away from all this is that China risks for investors and businesses alike are, on balance, negative and is a liability.

If they can't manage themselves, how do you expect to achieve positive returns on coupling to China (for supply or demand).

Word is the Apple factory issues are almost all covid related.

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Asian shares gained Thursday, although optimism about the Federal Reserve holding back on aggressive interest rate raises was countered by some uncertainty about coronavirus restrictions in China.

Amazing China is still able to control all the other Asian economies.

In the end, their government, based on advice from international health experts, has decided to save lives as opposed to countries like New Zealand and Australia, which incorporated zero covid strategies but gave up and saw rocketing death and infection rates from Covid. And those two countries listened to the WHO agency.

China's economy has been the only one to show positive economic growth throughout the Covid crisis, and in the end, will come out on top of all other Asian countries, which in addition to high Covid related death rates, also saw their economies stumble out of control.

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