Asian shares rise on hopes for U.S. stimulus package


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$1.00 = ¥150

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If money printing--'stimulus'--is the road to prosperity, then why is Japan waiting for the US to print more. Japan step up and flood the world with yen so we can all be rich.

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Asian shares rose Monday on hopes for President Joe Biden's stimulus package and bargain-hunting after sell offs last week.

There were people on this site stating the approval of stimulus packages had no effect on the stock market.

The market is hungry for all that QE and subsidies with a few crumbs thrown to the public.

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Asian never learn.

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$100 = ¥100

Fixed it!

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 then why is Japan waiting for the US to print more. 

Huh? Japan has had the OECD's most aggressive fiscal and monetary stimulus programs for the past 20 years.

 Japan step up and flood the world with yen...

The world wouldn't have much use for yen. It would need to be converted into local currency to buy or invest in anything, and that conversion process would bring all the yen back to home to Japan.

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