Asian shares skid after S&P 500 logs 1st monthly drop of '21


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It’s red ink all round in Europe so all eyes will be on NY tonight to see whether the slide can be arrested and the napalm moment averted. Pre market’s not looking good and another couple of percent down there and it won’t be pretty in Tokyo for the start of the new week. Having ridden the wave from low valuations, some may be tempted to take their profits and avoid what could become a rout. In which case many of those who hold out will, eventually, be forced to sell and realise losses.

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Biden’s inflation is causing the optimism that was prevalent in the markets under Trump to wane. The markets worldwide will be in a downward spiral for some time to come.

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still depending on America ???. wake up Asian business.

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Seems an odd sentiment. Yet, your current anti-capitalism, anti-American ideologies don’t curtail you from continuing to profit from their exports to your business in Japan?

*- @TARATANKITAOKA 10:56pm: “still depending on America ???. wake up Asian business.” -*

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Biden’s inflation is causing the optimism that was prevalent in the markets under Trump to wane.

Know why there is inflation? Because of a strong rebound in the real economy is driving up demand for goods and services, which producers are scrambling to supply. The Biden economy was the first major economy to grow beyond its pre-pandemic level, back in July.

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