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Asian shares slip on report of more U.S. sanctions on China


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If China is willing to change and be less aggressive, play by rules, buy more products from America, Europe, Japan.

Why humiliate China again? They where closed in before, isolated, ''hermit kindom'', you said it yourself.

-Western nations used force to get China to open up.

Now that their doing better then you expected, you want to shut them down, no more Mr. nice guy.... Does it matter that America recognize CCP China instead of Taiwan? Does it matter Nixon and Clinton let them join the world? Guess not.

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we don't need China, the faster we leave the better off we'll be

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Such underestimating and false pride will break also all our western necks. Look, China has a history of about more than 5000 years. Some say, up to 6500. They have seen come and disappear all other empires, nations, countries, or didn’t even noticed them when they had been too far away. How long in comparison do the U.S. or all others exist? That makes you laugh yourself, right? So it has clearly to be understood that it simply doesn’t play a role at all for China if we like or hate them, buy or sell much, something or nothing. That is all only a very short unimportant and soon forgotten short episode for them, doesn’t also really impress now and at maximum their emotion let’s them grin a little bit. Can you understand that? Very good. That may improve the chances by a little pitch.

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Some republicans stioll believe Trump won, especially vietnamese americans.

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"China buys more than U.S. buy from them" Buying no, stealing yes!

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Chinese. Can’t live without them but can live without the CCP. One day they’ll be out of office. For now I pray for all the freedom fighters in Hong Kong and elsewhere. I wonder how many millions have lost their lives. We may never get full numbers but stories will surely tell us about the other great leader who tried decimating the country.

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Hey vanityofvanities perhaps you should do some research before commentating. The USA bought 451 billion worth of Chinese exports last year and China bought 106 billion of US exports. Therefore, it is the USA that has the financial power. Fact, not fake news!

Check the 2019 table:


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January 20th can't get here soon enough.

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I, for one, applaud the end of capitalism.

N world really don't need CCP virus bt the virus seems immortal

It's not a CCP virus, though. It's a covid.

Hopefully, like capitalism, it can be defeated.

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N world really don't need CCP virus bt the virus seems immortal

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The world DOESN'T need China... China NEEDS the world.

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Benchmarks dropped in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai but rose in Sydney.

I am sure after China's trade war with Australia there will be no tears shed for China in the land down under. No wonder it made Australian stocks go higher.

Nice move America.

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China buys more than U.S. buy from them.

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