Asian shares, U.S. futures gain after last Trump-Biden debate


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This year has been very good for my portfolio. Especially on the Asian side. My investments in Asia are up 63%. Hope to finish the last quarter strong.

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Despite the terrible economy and out of control pandemic, markets around the world are reacting positively to the prospect of a return to normalcy in The States.

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According to CNN polls, former U. S. Vice President Biden won the debate,

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Jtnose Haha going on that then we all know that Trump was miles ahead, everyone understands CNN is utter dribble and what ever they say is completely the opposite.

Nice reporting there

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As Biden alluded - focusing on shares and share prices has no bearing on the majority of people - just the elite. And it has no tangible benefits for the quality of 'real' people's lives.

How about media reports more on things that really have an impact - air quality, global CO2 concentration (currently around 412ppm), rates of equality, average wages ....

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Trump nail the coffin for the Republican, by offending minorities, with low IQ

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