Asian stocks mixed ahead of possible Fed guidance


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Great news, we need to stop printing money it doesn't help at all.

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Saw comments from Judy Shelton on the craziness of the words of these central bankers having so much impact on stock markets; couldn’t agree more.

Apparently the Trump administration had wanted her on the FOMC but it didn’t work out. Too bad she seems to have a great head on her shoulders and is realistic about what monetary policy can and should do.

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Asia forget the feds. When are you going to stand up on your own 2 feet???

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Apparently the Trump administration had wanted her on the FOMC 

That's rich of Trump. He started bawling like a baby when Powell started raising rates, after which Powell put them down near zero.

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I doubt Trump himself had a clue JeffLee, but probably some people in his administration knew a thing or two about it and were trying to pull the Presidential strings.

Reading more I see suggestions that she was seen as too partisan, so fair enough for being rejected. Still what she was saying in recent days was totally spot on

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I am not very bright like a light bulb but I only invest in principle guaranteed annuities because I have lots of money and just like eating good food and traveling and surfing and uni and life. Aloha

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I wouldn't mind a correction over the next few weeks, just means we can buy great companies at 10% cheaper than they are today. End of summer sale, I'll take it.

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It’s not a correction when the market stays down for an extended period which is what we’re heading for under Biden’s flawed economic policies. It’s called an inflationary recession.

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Reallocation over here, reallocation over there, as long as you learn to adapt then you can always make money and keep your head above water regardless of the environment, policies, call it a recession, correction whatever. Always opportunities on a daily basis in the market.

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Just thort about this: “As overrated as Jackson Hole's significance may be!

Jackson Hole's no matter how cute and productive they might be do not influence where I put my precious.

I invest by thinking and insert into pure elegant places and always end up on top. I like being on top. Aloha

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