Asian stocks retreat as inflation augurs Fed rate hikes


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Sell before it collapse!

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I already sold most of my positions as March will be bloody. FED with all that hiking of interest rates. Seems like BLOOD on the streets are real.

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They can't raise rates to any great degree. Government wont be able to afford the interest payments on T bills

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It doesn't really matter if it is significant or not, just a FACT of rising interest rates will cause panic and nice correction or sell-off.

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When the economy heats up, it causes inflation, and the rates go up. Of course there is going to be volatility. If you look at the long term picture, though, rates are comparatively very low, and the economy will grow. Just stay away from companies that won't last another thirty years (unless you are REALLY good at research), and it will all be good.

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Know when to pull yours (stock) out.

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The inflation is caused by strong private demand and lagging supply. It’s actually good economic news, folks, (though causing short term disruptions). Low or no inflation during the current bottlenecks would be bad news.


They can't raise rates to any great degree.


They hiked numerous times in 2015 to 2018 (until Trump complained). Why can't they do it this time?


Government wont be able to afford the interest payments on T bills.


The government is a monopoly issuer of USD dollars, which it can print at will. It can "afford" any payment in US dollars.

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