Asian stocks rise after U.S. rally on infrastructure deal


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It is an interconnected world. If the world's largest economy takes meaningful steps to keep itself strong and healthy, that is good for the rest of the world, including those countries which will help in the infrastructure work.

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Appears the Asian traders didn't read the fine print which will make this deal D-O-A, without the Dems using a GOP-like trick to get it passed. The GOP has been playing dirty and they will get a taste of that twice in 2021.

President Biden pre-announced a deal with added conditions just like Iran pre-announced a deal that doesn't exist.

The missing reconciliation bill from 2020 needs a simple majority to pass, so the Dems could agree to almost anything, then "reconcile" to put the other stuff they want.

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As TheFu said, this ”we have a deal"-deal is dead.

The president said at the time that both sides didn't get all they wanted but then said the quite part out load, basically saying ("we still plan on getting all we wanted"). Which doesn't represent bipartisanship that he ran on.

Democrats using majority tactics like the GOP did when in power to not negotiate in good faith.

Just pathetic - which I let my representatives know already.

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