Asian stocks sink after Credit Suisse takeover


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Credit Suisse was also the bank offering up the loan for the Nagasaki casino( oeps IR resort).

not one newspaper mentioned that yet in Japan.

Game over for the Nagasaki license as it was an important part of their application file

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Credit Suisse is among 30 institutions known as globally systemically important banks.

A new way to say, "too big to fail", "must be saved at any cost" and therefore yet another moral hazard in the stinking capitalist system.

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Guess why PRC is under fire. The four biggest banks in the world are:

(1) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited

(2) China Construction Bank

(3) Agricultural Bank of China

(4) Bank of China

Followed by US and Japanese banks. It is time to start looking at the big pucture.

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The FDIC is not your friend,they pay more attention to your transaction than the do the bank transaction,bank employees are told watch out for suspicious customers transaction such as withdrawal and deposit,that friendly teller might be smiling at you ,but she will also rat you out,I personally know a lots of bank tellers Google FDIC Know Your Customer

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Banks failing, money falling in value, and the London metals exchange recently found that some of their stored metals are actually just bags of rocks.

Good think I didn't buy into that Bitcoin ponzi scheme...

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