Asian stocks sink before U.S. Congress votes on deal to avoid debt default


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Their no guarantee their will be a vote, knowing McCarthy wobbly knees

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Having cleared the Rules Committee there will almost certainly be a vote.

The bill will pass.

In the Senate, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and perhaps Josh Hawley will do their one man acts for their 15 min. of C-span fame, and then it will pass with a bi-partisan majority.

Joe signs it and the insanity ends until the next time there is a Democratic administration and a single House of Congress with a small GQP majority.

So, early 25 with a likely GQP senate.

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EFD,how vote did take McCarthy to be speaker

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Dow is cratering ahead of impending doom vote,if still have uncertainty in the Senate,that amendment will be added dooming it passsing

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