Asiana Airlines to cancel Fukushima flights due to radiation fears


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too late better continue flying.

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I think Fukushima airport is further from the reactor than Sendai airport, yet Asiana still fly from Sendai.

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A little bit of Korean politicising to keep attention away from their own nuclear power plant problems.

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Scrote: Okuma-Futaba, the location of the nuclear reactor, is 60 miles/96.5 km from Natori, where Sendai's airport is located. It is 56.3 miles/90.6 km from Sukagawa, where Fukushima Airport is located. So, it is closer to Fukushima Airport but not by much.

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More likely the flights are being canceled due to lack of demand.

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Pretty stupid since being high up in the atmosphere as your job will expose you to more radiation than being outside of the exclusion zone.

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kurisupisu: That's the most logical answer.

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its either the route, or just they dont have enough demand due to name of the airport... makes sense really

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Wise thing to do. The other airlines currently flying there should do the same.

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From October??

If they believe that there is a radiation exposure risk at Fukushima, then why not cancel NOW?

Or is it that they somehow know that from October there will be "harzardous radiation" in Fukushima?

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@Onsen, I guess it's because in November the plant plans to remove those fuel rods.

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//at the end of September.

The reason it's cancelling in October is the contract ends at the end of September. Unless they know something we don't. Having quickly checked, they don't have any 787's, which rules out the 787/stricken reactor scenario.

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Asiana Airlines and Fukushima - what a scary combination!

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