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Asia's millionaires to become world's richest group


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I am not against the wealthy of this world or anyone trying to make huge wealth for themselves, good for them ,but from a moral standpoint, these individuals could help solve some of the problems that abound in the world for people not as fortunate as themselves. Not by just donating money thats the easy way out , but giving their most important thing, "TIME". Can you imagine the benefits of the knowledge these individuals could contribute , if they used their expertise that made them their wealth. If it's their money their donating , you can be sure it will be put to good use, because as we know politicians haven't a clue how to solve problems,only make them. If you compare what is happening today between the political and business world. This article highlights the 1% of the world, it would be momentous if these individuals followed in the footsteps of Bill Gates and his foundation. giving your "Time" has a greater value than all the money in the world,

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There is no mention of Japanese millionaires in the article . Aren't there's any ?

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@minello; They are just millionires, not billionsires. Bill Gate has own Charity organIzarion that help needy people in Africa, erc. These organizations do not advertize but their stuffs help someshere. in the world. You are guessing those millinaires never donate anything.

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China and India have almost the same population. China has 890,000 millionaires with a total wealth of $4.5 trillion in 2014. India has 198,000 millionaires with a total wealth of $785 billion in 2014. It shows how poor India is compared to China.

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@Rana SodhiSEP. 17, 2015 - 01:35PM JST There is no mention of Japanese millionaires in the article . Aren't there's any ?


Maybe Japanese ans N American industriests prefer to pay good to employees than making them rich?

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They should add unofficial Multi-Billionaire from Burma. Burmese peoples are talking about former dictator Gen Than Shwe family wealth as close to hundred billions. It's possible because his family incomes from business in Jade mine and Ruby mine alone worth tens of billions of dollars because Than Shwe family doesn't need to declare or show all they get from Jade mine and Ruby mine. Burmese Ruby and Jade are world best quality Gems. Than Shwe family was mining in best location where product best quality of Jade and Ruby. Also other business ventures with International Corporations where former dictator Than Shwe family received free shares from International Hotel chains, Gas and Oil, mineral mining, illegal land confiscation, buying expensive and most exclusive residential lands by pressure. Also there's rumor about Than Shwe' daughter and son in law had involved in murdering of adopted daughter of Mogok Ruby land) wealthy well known Gems merchant and mines owner from minority ethnic Lisu. Than Shwe's daughter has borrowed Diamond necklace from wealth family who live in University Avenue as Burmese Democracy Icon Su Kyi. They ignored to return the Diamond Necklace when owner has asked to return because Diamond quality and size was top quality and they can't buy from international market.

They brought hit men from Thailand and murdered whole family except husband and one child who were not at home when killers broken into their home.

Also other former Generals and their cronies are also filthy rich. There are more than 20 individual Multi-Billionaires and hundreds of Multi-Millionaire who have assets and cash over 50 Millions Dollars in US.

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i am sure there is a billionaires list. But this is just a count of somebody who earned million or more last year

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