Aso wants China's economy on agenda at G20 meeting

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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How about putting Japan's economy on the agenda?? ... 25 years of nil to no reform by Japanese politicians has done nothing to stimulate growth or innovation...

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Aso wants a frank discussion, but he himself isn't frank about things, and in the case of a part of the last paragraph in this article, just outright lies. Hey Aso, if it won't affect Japan, then why do you want a specific discussion about it? Oh you're just looking out for Europe, right? You want frankness? Here's an example of frankness for you: China is devaluing their yuan like how Japan devalues their yen.

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So he can doze longer. And then spout something from the hip when he wakes up.

Actually Europe is less exposed to China than the U.S., Japan, South Korea or Australia though there may be knock on effects that might be worse for Europe. But, hey, ask 10 economists and you get 10 different answers.

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The stock markets, like banks are manipulated by a few big players, who rely solely on analytical forecasting by so called economic experts, and as "Moonraker" commented which one do you believe . You have to compare stock markets with casinos,online gambling etc: and ,just like all forms of gambling there are winners and losers, and we all know who the winners are. So while Japan has sat stagnating for a couple of generations, there are those that have made a lot of money out of the so called stagnation period. Private investors I have no sympathy for, but when governments gamble on the stock markets with public funds i.e.:pension contributions, that really p#%*#s me off. And do we really believe all, when Governments release of growth figures , once again manipulation to suit there own agendas. The comedian George Carlin said it correctly, "Its a big club folks, and we ain't in it" and the reality is that it's never going to change.

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Asso, don't worry about China. Just worry about Japan. Hopefully, more Chinese tourists will continue traveling to Japan and offsetting deprived Japanese consumers. Just don't say any bad things about your Asian neighbors, so more people will travel to Japan and spend money there.

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“Rather than being swayed just by superficial market moves”

It's a good, important point from Aso.

The Chinese stock market is a different story, but for Japanese and US stocks to come off 10% or more after going up for years and years, as a Fed rate hike finally approaches, is not something to get all worried about IMO. Investors and speculators have made money (as the central banking elite desired), and them now taking their profits through selling assets that have performed well is just a natural part of the whole story. Profit taking is no crisis.

Again, the Chinese market is different. But then as people have noted, the Chinese market is detached from the rest of the world, and also detached from the Chinese domestic economy to a larger degree than is normal in the west.

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This is a political agenda, well I dont against any discussions but Japan's debts should alsob e discussed in G20. The struggle is getting nasty.

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I want Aso's sanity on the agenda.

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