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At what cost? Debate swirls on 'giveaways' after Amazon HQ deal

By Rob Lever

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Amazon splits the location of their new headquarters, in part because they can't find enough tech talent in a single city, and Foxconn considers bringing in personnel from China as it struggles to find engineers.

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But only 5 or 6 states have no income tax and none of them can compete with NYC in public transportation and infrastructure. Senator Cortez is correct that none of the Amazon high paying jobs will benefit the needy local population. She is also Crowe the that Bezos could have paid for this himself since he is the richest person in the world.

I fear Amazon will not thrive in a city controlled by communists. He has money and they want it. Wealthy employees will also find it difficult to leave NYC since the tax office will very aggressively chase them. Japan is following this route and so is France. It’s the Hotel California syndrome.

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Governor Cuomo stated that he had to offer subsidies to compete against states that don’t have an income tax, though that admission underscores New York's lack of tax competitiveness.

Proof that Democrats know that competitive tax rates is good for businesses and jobs and that high tax rates kill jobs.

NYC had to give Amazon tax payer funded subsidies to artificially create a red state, Florida-like tax environment in order to get Amazon to open up shop in a heavily taxed, heavily regulated, blue state.

They created Amazon's own personalized Florida tax rates in the heart of Queens. If I'm any other business in that area, I'm wondering why I can't get those same subsidies, which are basically lower tax rates...

Every other business in New York City should file a class action lawsuit demanding the same subsidies that Amazon received. It's an outrageous violation of the "equal protection" clause of the Constitution for government to turn one big business into a tax-receiving entity, while taxing the others.

Here's a bit not mentioned:

"The deal between the e-commerce giant and the city and state—an accord which deliberately circumvents the council and state Legislature—includes a clause that obligates the public to "assist the company in securing access to a helipad on the development site" or "in reasonable proximity to the development site."

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Amazon will never be able to leave NYC. They will be subjected to endless strikes, work stoppages and sabotage. Next year the post office might start making the pay fair rates and when he Chinese have to pay more for shipping business will slow. But Amazon won’t be able to lay off workers. Senator Cortez will really make Amazon pay for this !

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