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Australia warned mining boom could end in two years


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Could be good if it inspires the Govt to stop just digging it out the ground and sending some where else instead of using it to make something more valuable and kindling industry and intellectual property etc. Keep digging and Oz will look like a big swimming pool in years to come.

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Aus may have weathered 2008 relatively unscathed, but with the looming global slowdown, even the resource-rich economies will take a much bigger hit. As BRIC countries reduce their productions and raw material demand is reduced, those commodity prices will fall and tax revenues will shrink.

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Due to easing demand from China and falling prices"

How dare the Chinese ease demand! Falling prices? This reminds me of a Star Trek 2 scene:

Joachim: Our shields are dropping!

Khan: Then raise them!

Joachim: I can't!

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It's just a economical cycle, up and down.

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