Australian airline Qantas to cut all international flights


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This may be a wise (I am not an airline executive and have no experience in running this type of business) but it is certainly a defensive move which would likely reduce further cases entering the country.

What I find more disconcerting is this is now becoming an indication we are probably crossing the threshold or we will soon cross the threshold where the economic impact/fallout will be worse then the health impacts.

Our lives are going to change dramatically in the short term and may well change significantly for generations to come.

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MAYBE, now is a good time to think abt , what and how to save lives. Well done Qantas. But pls do somethings abt yr employees payments. I hope this is not an excuse to cut yr expenses.

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the airline would suspend 20,000 of its 30,000 staff during the shutdown.

Terrible. How will these people pay the bills?

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