Australian KFC customers clucking mad over lettuce-cabbage switch


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The joke in Australia (or maybe not) is that the chicken is actually rabbit (a feral animal there) and I much prefer my bunny with cabbage anyway.

Bunny burgers? Bugs ain't gonna like that! Rabbit tastes good.

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The joke in Australia (or maybe not) is that the chicken is actually rabbit (a feral animal there) and I much prefer my bunny with cabbage anyway.

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I still remember how funny it sounded to my American ears to hear an Australian KFC TV ad with an Australian actor trying to imitate a southern US accent o_O. It would be like an American trying to imitate a Queensland accent.

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To give them credit, they did say ‘mix’ not total substitute. And sometimes lettuce leaves can be tired and pathetic.

Some of the finely shredded cabbage you can get here in Japan is light and sweet and delicious. I could take that over lettuce any time with no trouble.

The cabbage I had as a child was dark green, rubbery and tough and quite a different creature. The word ‘cabbage’ itself probably has an image problem in English.

Depending on which variety of cabbage you choose, and how you cut it could make a world of difference.

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I would just as soon eat shredded paper on a sandwich as cabbage. FUBAR !

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I'm more concerned about the 'living' conditions of the chickens in the factories. Absolutely crowded and diseased.

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Ridiculous complaint. Cabbage instead of lettuce? Oh, the HORROR!

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Who goes to kfc for the salad? It's all about the battery farmed chooks deep fried in animal fat for me.

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Lettuce think about this: It's Kentucky fried chicken not Kentucky fried vegetable, right?

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Are there people who eat this garbage?

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The reason is most likely is that they are trying to recoup their losses in Russia when they puled out. So they take 1/20 of a lettuce put it in to a twister and charge you for the whole lettuce!

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I thought lettuce was commercially grown now with hydroponics, not in fields. Especially in a hot country like Australia. Lettuce plants bolt in hot weather so you need somewhere cool to grow them outside. Hydroponics is an expensive method, but prices should be relatively stable since it is not weather dependent.

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To tell the truth I never going to KFC because it’s all crap

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what petulant little babies, just don't eat it

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I don't think people go to KFC for the lettuce anyway.

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Besides, it's not as bad as NOT giving gravy, like in Japan. Now THAT'S a deal breaker.


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lettuce is overpriced so its Russia fault...what the....

No, it is mostly a shortage due to massive flooding. The Russia situation just adds to the cost by effecting other factors after the local supply shortage.

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pure greed with "nice" excuse...

theResidentToday  03:41 pm JST

Yeah @Eastman - It's Russia's fault. LOL.Nice irony mate.

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My wife switched from lettuce to cabbage years ago as our go-to veg, and while I was disconcerted at first, I've come to love its much more sublime taste and crunchiness.

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I seem to recall that Subway in Japan did the same thing a few years back. Sorry, cabbage in a sandwich is just wrong. The Colonel has to either bump up prices by 10 cents or so, or just suck it up until food prices get normal.

Speaking of Subway, the turkey breast and club subs have also disappeared.... it is to weep.

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Yeah @Eastman - It's Russia's fault. Stop defending them, its falling on deaf ears Comrade.

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KFC Australia has obviously been absolutely taken over by shareholders or a new money starved CEO or something. Over the past decade the menu has gotten smaller and more homogenized. As a kid I remember they had roasted chickens, corn. They eventually got rid of these. Then they changed the Cripsy Strips to have the same flavour as the regular chicken, I guess to save on costs. Then they changed the beloved 'twister' because it was the only item on the menu that contained tomato. They got rid of tomato lettuce mix for, I'm being told, a bagged cabbage mix. Now it appears they are getting rid of lettuce entirely and going to put the bagged cabbage mix on everything. KFC Australia's plan seems to be to cover everything in their pepper mayonnaise sauce and bagged cabbage. They must have done a deal with some cheap third world cabbage farm. A decline in variety and quality to keep shareholder returns up, CEO wallets growing.

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lettuce is overpriced so its Russia fault...what the....

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I had lettuce with my lunch today.

Who said that the high life isn’t doable!

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Now’s the time to clear that plot folks. Grow your own!

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“Feels like a sign of the apocalypse," said another.

First world problems! Oh the suffrage!

8 bucks for a lettuce though ay? Howzaaaattt!?

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"The fact that you are replacing lettuce with cabbage makes me rethink my whole meal at KFC. There's 4 or 5 other things I would eat before cabbage Its such a weird choice," said one disgruntled tweeter.'re eating fast food fried chicken sammiches. The thin vegetable inside isn't going to make a difference.

As long as it's shredded cabbage strips, it shouldn't really make a difference. If it does, just buy regular drumsticks and breasts. Gain some perspective on what you're eating.

Besides, it's not as bad as NOT giving gravy, like in Japan. Now THAT'S a deal breaker.

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Wait, a 300% rise? Sure, ok. KFC buy a lot of lettuce. It's reasonable to believe they're paying 10 cents for a lettuce, or less. How many burgers to they get out of each lettuce? At least ten I'd expect. So their lettuce cost goes from one cent up to three. As a percentage of one ingredient, it's a lot; but as a percentage of the price of the burger, it's insignificant.

Companies love this "costs are going up" lie.

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