Australian malls turn to village life as retailers feel pinch

By Glenda KWEK

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A bit misleading this article is. The main problem with Shopping centres in OZ is the rent. It is very expensive to rent shop space in a westfield shopping centre.

"Canberra has sought to end the loophole by imposing a 10 percent levy" no not at all - Canberra was pushed into it by the big wigs of retail especially The C.E.O of Harvey Norman. People have turned against him now and it is getting very very hostile. For example, a HDMI cable can cost up to $70 in his stores. Highway robbery in many peoples books. He continues to use the media to push his own agenda and it has only made people Beg for Amazon to come.

"Ebay" is not attractive anymore. They are pulling out of Australia and running their business through a site that they bought called Gumtree. This GST levy is the work of the liberal party and was not thought through properly. It turns out that every seller (local AND overseas) have to collect the G.S.T and Ebay told the govt that, that was a tall order.

The growth of online shopping is due to Australia's size and the likes of Harvey Norman charging crazy amounts of money for things that should be rather cheap to buy. Many folks in the country can't go to a shopping centre so online is all they have got.

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A mall was always just an ersatz substitute for a village center. Many new malls where I live are built on what they call a "town center concept" or exactly this: a village center. Usually very open with retail/office/residential/services and green spaces.

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There's one of these in my hometown. A medical clinic, ersatz Italian cobblestones and outdoor fountain, approved buskers, etc. . Like shopping in a Disneyland.

Caters to local people who can no longer afford to live in the older neighborhoods surrounding downtown, where the houses have been bought up by foreigners and the super wealthy.

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GST is not general sales tax, its Goods and Services Tax.

I am still laughing at the idea how this mendicant and pathetic Liberal party plans on enforcing their overseas tax; them stating from their high lofty perch about how they require overseas vendors to collect and remit the GST, especially when large economies such as the US and China have told them straight that they won't assist with this crazy idea of theirs.

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Australian merchants treat their consumers as lambs to the slaughter. About time they had some serious competition

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leading malls are considering returning to their village centre roots to woo new tenants by moving away from shops and offering medical facilities, more restaurants and even amusement parks.

This is already happening and many/most shopping malls already have a medical centre, restos, cinema & other services (been happening for years actually).

Personally I don't like it, find those mega shopping centres depressing. But many families/ppl lov'em and see nothing wrong spending the whole day/w-e indoors. Reckon Asian-Australians started the trend in oz (now everyone's into it am afraid).

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Rent is the biggest killer of retail outlets in shopping malls in Australia but with the increase of cafe's has seen existing businesses struggle - Sumo Salad had a number of profitable food outlets but with the increase in competition and high rents they put a number of outlets into bankruptcy protection in an attempt to get a better deal.

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