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Australia's Domino's Pizza bites into Japan market


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Someone is making a "fat" profit on these pizzas! Maybe one of the middlemen for the ingredients...

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Gobalwatcher: Are you writing io me? No, WE Have more than 10 different pizza delivery service in just my neighborhood. Pizza restaurants without delivery? More than 180 if you count each Italian restaurantsz on every casino-hotles in Vegas, not including all you can eat buffets in casionhotels and Italina buffets restaurants.

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Is that the only pizza available around you? Sad.

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I live a big city south of Las Vegas in USA. there are many pizz delivery joints. One is Domino. You can specify what kind of Pizza on-line. You can ask how to be sliced. Very delicious. I did not know it was anAustralian. Well, around my area, just taste matters. If delicious, who cares who owns the head company. That is te way Southern Nevada people enjoy home delivery, etc. Very convinient, especially when too hot to go out.

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Smith - there's virtually no corn or mayo on Dominos Japan English menu that I could see. Perhaps the Japanese one is more "unique"?

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I once paid 3500 for a large pizza at Domino's. 3500 yen!

Go back to Australia - It's $10.


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I like Domino's too. But I feel sooooo guilty afterward.

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I LOVE Domino's, although I have to admit I could do a bit better with less of the local obsession with corn and mayonnaise, and of course the price. Domino's HAS been offering 2-for-1 for quite a while via the cell phone app, and recently by phone order, but it's quite limited and of course the cost of ONE is nearly that of two regularly priced pizzas, so while it's getting better, it's still not great. The best tasting pizza, of these chains (my own made is best, of course! haha), can be found in the restaurants where you don't have to order delivered.

Anyway, glad it's Domino's.

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Back on topic please.

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That's not the point, who was responsible for making and reinventing the company. When Romney took over Dominoes was really struggling on many levels, with the crust that tasted like cardboard, the cheese was something, I had NO clue, but it didn't wash down like real mozzarella and the 30 min. or less had some people killed accidentally. Overall, Mitt saved it.

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Nothing is going to change- Why would they mess with the formula that works for Japan. @gogogo, your comment just made me laugh out loud! Whatever makes you think they will reduce prices.@Disillusioned, stop being a tool about everything, no one is forcing you tohave corn on your pizza, I think its a safe assumption that 90+% of their pizzas DON"T have corn on them. Itsa rubbish cobvenience Pizza, but all we buy it sometimes, why complain?

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Not sure how my local Domino could deliver in 30 main as they are 4miles away. Local Pizzahut & Pizza-blah is less than 3/4 of a mile.

Pizzahut has a great appl for online ordering.

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Yup, The man who helped create and turn Dominoes into what it is today!

Bass, nice try. Lol. I'm from Michigan. Tom monaghan owner. 1995: 1000 international locations. 1997: 1500 international locations. 1998: sold company to Bain.

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BTW, where have a heard Bain Capital before? Ah, Romney

Yup, The man who helped create and turn Dominoes into what it is today!

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I agree with hoping they bring the Chicken BBQ pizza from Australia; that is one the world's great pizzas. I don't mind Domino's Japan at all, the sides are incredible and the selection is vast. Only downside is the price..

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Japanese pizzas are definitely......'unique' <- Note the use of a politically correct word in place of a more accurate one. If you want a good pizza you're better off making it yourself or just try the non-franchise pizza shops.

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Not sure which Dominos in Japan some of you are using. I've ordered from them 1-2 times a month or so for the last couple of years. They are far from disorganized and have only once failed to deliver within their 30 minute promise. (32 minutes, and they gave a voucher for next time). They have an English online ordering service, and I'm now looking at their front page:

2 large pizzas with 1 topping - 2,999yen 2 medium pizzas with 1 topping - 1,999yen 1 medium pizza with 2 toppings and a coke - 1,399yen. 3 large pizzas & 1.5l coke - 4,599

Yes, there are certainly more expensive options on the menu but you can get a pizza for 1,500 not 3,000. And there's not a hint of corn, mayo, seaweed or squid on the whole menu. Still, no reason to let reality get in the way of your foolish prejudices.

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There was a Dominos in my area, gone now. I thought it tasted better than ANY pizza chain that I've tried here, Pizza Hut and Chicago Pizza. I gave up and make my own now. It's hard to get the Boars Head pepperoni past customs sometimes. If the foreign pizza makers use beef in their pepperoni, this could definitely change the taste a little. I'm guessing Japan uses the imported all pork pepperoni.

BTW, where have a heard Bain Capital before? Ah, Romney

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What makes the Australian Dominoes taste different from the Japanese one? I didn't think the Japanese one wasn't THAT bad, but I do have have a problem with seaweed, mayo, corn and potatoes on my pizza, not to mention paying 2500 3000yen for a 25 cm pizza is more than outrageous, it's an insult.

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shrimp on the barby pizza!

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It's fine! Please bring the foreign pizza! Better than those Japanese pizzas with potatoes, mayo, squid and all that stupid crap.

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Please reduce the prices to what they are in Australia!

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Australian Dominos pizza is better quality than Japanese Dominos in fact better than most of them- we ate it all the time in Australia. Will they bring good customer service to Japan so you don't have wait hours for a pizza- mostly likely because Japanese are so disorganized and probably insist on making one pizza at time and then bringing it and have a central system for telephone calls so you aren't forced to keep contacting the branch that never answers or has a long wait period.

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So what will change compared to the currents Domino Pizza, they have a rather small

Market penetration in my area.

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Agreed. Even if they go halfway and start charging 1200-1500yen a pizza i would be happy

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Please read the story.

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Strange, Dominoes is an American company, why they say Australian?

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Hope they bring Australian prices, $5 - $7 a pizza! Serioulsy, their combinesdbulk pirchasing power will hopefully lower prices in Japan.

Downside is the quality in Australia is lower than Japan. The Domlno's Australia I had in April was terrible!!

At Domino.jp in English or Japanese you can add or remove toppings from almost all pizzas. I usually use the 'make your own pizza' option to get a pizza just how I like it.

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then just don't order it with corn...seriously it.is.that.simple.

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Yay! Bring on the chicken BBQ pizza! And, can you please stop putting bloody corn on pizzas!

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