U.S. auto industry lines up against possible tariffs

By Sarah N Lynch

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Like it or not, the entire automotive industry [and its thousands of component suppliers] is based on relatively free movement of goods across borders. It would take years, massive expense, and incredible displacement to unwind these supply chains. You can't just move production lines and build new factories overnight. The only result of this is an unavoidable increase in the cost of cars, even American-built ones. If paying thousands of dollars more for the exact same thing is your idea of winning, you might want to rethink your priorities.

Oh, and if you think "I'll just buy used instead"? The cost of those will go up as well thanks to increased demand. Good thing that America isn't dependent on the automobile for transportation and has lots of mass transit options. Oh wait...

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I just wish that the administration would hurry up and do it. All that negotiations with Japan achieve on this issue is Japan stalling for time or their own advantage.

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Under the current scenario, countries with FTAs will be exempted from the auto tariffs, specifically Canada, Mexico, and Korea.

The tariff will only hit auto imports from Japan, EU, and China.

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