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Auto parts supplier NSK fined by China in anti-monopoly case


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This is laughable smokescreen for protectionism. Chinese import duties and taxes on foreign cars/parts are what make them 2 or 3 times more expensive in China than they are in the west.

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Exactly, lets steal the money from the foreign companies

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Sell the stupid Chinese government cars and don't sell them parts!!!

2 ( +3 / -1 )

(shakes head)

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Great for China government, the shining beacon of all things without corruption and righteousness.

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Regret despite paying huge fines in America, Japanese makers continue to violet anti-monopoly laws, this time in China.

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An anti-monopoly case in a country where virtually all companies are state-owned.

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Did NSK not pay the correct bribes, or paid but to wrong people?

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Yeah, I think NSK must have a better overview whom they bribe there. Some people leave jobs immediately after getting the bribe money, slowly making this approach a poor investment. Additionally, the imported parts are expensive because:

1 - they are original (made up to specs)

2 - they are taxed heavily entering the country.

I thinks China wants to reduce the prices of original parts down to the level of knock-offs.

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