Auto sector shifts gear toward recycling parts, batteries


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So battery disposal is one less argument the anti-EV crowd can use.

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Each car can fetch up to 400 euros in salvaged parts which are sold to repair shops or private consumers. The rest is pressed, melted, burned or recycled for other sectors.

In Japan vehicle owners are also charged for their vehicles to be recycled-someone is making money…

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Lead-acid car batteries have been recycled for decades. Most places in the US at least require auto parts sellers to take dead batteries for recycling and many pay you five or ten bucks for them as an incentive. The recycling process for lead-acid batteries is simple and inexpensive. It is pretty much a close loop system although leaks and sloppy processes by recyclers has caused much harm historically. Li batteries however are an entirely different matter. The cost to recycle an Li battery is about three times the cost of the materials used to make it. It costs about five times as much to extract lithium from a battery than the raw material costs. That works against recycling them the way lead-acid batteries are unless more economical means are developed, or he price of he raw materials rises dramatically.

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