Automakers commit to put automatic brakes in all cars


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As an option, OK, but as required equipment (like airbags), he11 no. I'll just keep buying pre-owned quality vehicles without those "features".

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Like any new technology, autonomous braking will develop problems in real-world driving that can't be found in testing by automakers. In the recent recalled vehicles, such as Acura SUV's and Jeep Grand Cherokee, the system can become confused and step on the brakes when it detects another vehicle accelerating in front while simultaneously driving along an iron fence or metal guardrail. Acura duplicated the problem, figured out the cause and told safety regulators of the recall. It's an important step toward self-driving vehicles in reducing crashes and highway deaths because it can react faster than humans.

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Last thing you want is your brakes going on unexpected while traveling on ice and most likely causing a total loss of control.

I have to imagine that any car equipped with automatic braking will also have anti-lock brakes.

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Texting ,,,, push button lets texting to voice text in Nissan etc for quite while since penalty for texting became heavier than DUI caught.

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Good points.

1) Should reduce number of ones entering buildings when they mistake the accerator for the brake.

2) Increase the distance between you and the tail gater.

Bad point (as said above by Burning Bush). Tumbleweeds and snowdrifts set them off..

Last thing you want is your brakes going on unexpected while traveling on ice and most likely causing a total loss of control.

I seen an advertisement on TV here in the United Kingdom where the car Auto-Braking system only activates between 3 to 35 (i think was the top end) miles per hour. About 5 to 60 kmh.

That restriction would not stop tail gaters at high speed.

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Blame texting and driving like a zombie on the highway.

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It doesn't say in the article that the system is connected to the internet, or has any kind of wireless data or signal receivers. How are they going to over ride a closed system? Alien technology? Magic? People are jumping to conclusions. #Paranoia

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The worst thing about it is that these systems are crap.

The worst thing is that drivers will rely on all these auto driving aids (and I include automatic transmissions in that) instead of driving the car.

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How about technology that prevents the driver from texting? That would do a lot more good.

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This is terrible news. The government will be able to disable anyone's car on demand

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The announcement didn’t specify a timetable for implementing the change.

Why not?

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