Automakers targeting average households with new crop of EVs


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The reason Toyota no longer qualifies for $7,500 is because Toyota exhausted them on Prius PHEV models, not because Toyota sold tons of EVs which isn't the case.

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EV is step to nowehere,at least with recent level of technologies and pricing of products.

situation may be different in some 10 years but as now hybrid cars seems to be most reasonable way and solution.

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On a related note, there's little skill and prowess in flooring the accelerator, letting the car and the electronics do their thing, IMO.

There’s a lot more to fun cars than sheer straight line speed.

Your skill to act based on the road conditions, having the right amount of power and torque when needed is best demonstrated in a manual ICE, without all the high-tech ESP, ABS, and electronic assists. You also get a lot of sensory input from the noises, as well as the vibrations you feel coming through your body. YOU are doing the driving. You get to know your car very well, it’s responses, it’s noises, it’s suspension feedback, it’s braking, all it's quirks and you kind of blend into it making use of its strengths and weaknesses to your advantage. Any deviation from its usual behavior becomes an item to focus on, perhaps a sign of wear on the brake pads or rotors, shock absorbers, tires, clutch, etc.

I prefer cars with a genuine road feel.

Whether you like EV's and I like ICE isn't the real issue however.

Having said so, how many out there are skilled drivers?

Everyone thinks they're good, but few truly are.

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Once upon a time cars like this were called "station wagons" in the US and "estate cars" in UK, Australia and other places speaking the Queens English. I guess those terms are too boring for people today so they have to call them "sport" utility vehicles. Short of something like an Audi Avant, Volvo C30 T5 manual or the Acura TSX Sport Wagon I don't see a whole lot of sport in any of them.

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Having said so, how many out there are skilled drivers?

Everyone thinks they're good, but few truly are.

Just like love-making, according to the wife.

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but as now hybrid cars seems to be most reasonable way and solution

In the not too distant future we are going to see mixtures of hydrogen and ammonia power internal combustion engines. Both products will be produced in plants that use only solar, wind or hydropower for their power source so the ammonia and hydrogen mixture will be a true zero carbon fuel. The maritime industry is leading the way but the applications to other forms of transportation along with farm and construction equipment should be obvious. Battery electric power will be part of the solution perhaps but not all of it.

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EVs are the way and in the future will be charged from the road.

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I’m baffled why Toyota hasn’t progress from Hybrids. At some point having 2 drive trains is not the most efficient.

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Given the history of anything made in China relating to rechargeable batteries - I don't want anything Chinese made, parked next to my house for fear that it'd suddenly combust and burn the place down along with everyone within it. Japan has a better reputation - but if something happens, you can't get much in the way of compensation - on the other hand, with American products - if they cause an issue, you can sue and claim a reasonable amount - so I guess they put their own Money where their Mouths are - and as such should be more trustworthy...

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