Average U.S. gasoline price jumps 33 cents to $4.71 per gallon


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Currently $8.40/gallon in Japan (170yen/Liter) with the exchange rate.

The lowest price in the past several decade was maybe 135yen/L. And even at a more reasonable exchange rate of 110/$ thats still $5.60 per gallon.

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Btw 170 yen/liter is not $8.40 a gallon.

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Do the math before you downvote.

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The President of the United States needs to visit a military base and see what he is accountable for.

“AAFES customers will pay $5.31 a gallon for premium, up from $5.14.”

“Meanwhile, a Shell service station just up the street from Yokota’s main gate was selling high octane for 170 yen a liter, or about $5.04 a gallon, on Friday”

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Wish my car took regular gas.

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Just filled up at Costco today, 145 yen per litre. The shock is that in Canada the price is well over $2 per litre in many places- equivalent of something like 200 yen!! It boggles my mind that a nation with such a huge oil reserve pays 30% more for gas than an island with no resources at all. There's gotta be something wrong here...

Can't blame it on Putin either. The price of gas was already soaring BEFORE the war in Ukraine. Thanks Joe.

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"Do the math before you downvote."

Assuming the units are American gallons, then ¥170 per litre works out to USD$5.05 per gallon...

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then ¥170 per litre works out to USD$5.05 per gallon...

Yes it does.

But the post that claims it is $8.40 in Japan was not deleted as misinformation.

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Gas is more expensive in Japan. Why are Trump people in Japan (where gas is more expensive) complaining about the price of US gas when they are not even there. Also, it's just a sign of poor urban planning. Take the train people!! Besides, the exhaust is killing us all anyway.

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Yes, my bad. I multiplied the yen-dollar rate when I should have divided it.

Upvote to Blacklabel.

In Japan, gas is about 645 yen per US gallon (170 X 3.8), so it is about $5 per gallon at the current exchange rate.

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why not.

how about double price?


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This is as per the plan right?

Higher prices for fossil fuels is the climate change strategy right?

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They should go by bicycle like Mayor Pete.

Making comparisons with Japan is a bit weird/. The use of automobiles in the US and the distances people have to travel in may cases makes the comparison pointless.

Cheap gas is like guns in the US - a cultural issue as well as an economic one.

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Still cheaper then most prices in Europe.

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