BOJ expands easing measures; cuts growth forecast

By Kazuhiro NOGI

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Govt will be buying more shares propping up their coporate buddies etc, so on and so forth, no real help for the person struggling though.

Typical, has anyone seen their application form for their 100,000yen windfall yet ? lol

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"Japan's economy is likely to remain in a severe situation for the time being due to the impact of" the virus, the BOJ said in its quarterly report.

But very little is being said by the government about measures designed to aid the average Japanese without work!

I predict more crime and theft in the next couple of months as laid off workers run out of money...

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Japan's goal of targeting inflation may be achieved this year. From a reserve currency to a devalued currency. When it happens, Yen may be weak enough to boost exports which the population is not adequate to do so. The consequence is catastrophic! Because Yen is reduced nothing to than an African currency.

As you can see, Qualitative Easing is a two-edged dagger. Especially in the case of Japan.

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Tons of monetary stimulus is needed like never before. Bring it on!

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