BOJ holds negative rates; tweaks monetary easing policy


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The BOJ isn’t allowing money flows into the mainstream economy ; only the financial markets where it is pushing up stock prices.

The economy here is a massive disappointment!

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The BOJ keeps on proving that their policies and interests are orthogonal to the vast majority of the population.

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Print, print, print money until you can print no more. That's not a policy, it's desperation.

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Money Printer in Japan Go Brrr

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Do you think the YEN will go up or down?

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The BOJ isn’t allowing money flows into the mainstream economy....

Huh? Near-zero interest rates are great for people wanting to buy a home and for businesses that need financing.

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I take it that you are on your 2nd house or the 3rd one then?

People with crap wages and no security,as the majority of the Japanese are, do not meet the requirements for a loan.

Why do businesses need financing?

Oh, yes!

Businesses need loans because their customers cannot afford to buy their products....and that is the only way to survive!

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