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BOJ lowers inflation forecasts again

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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Those figures do not factor in the effects of a consumption tax hike expected to go into effect in around October.

So we should all get ready to pay 2.8% more for everything by this time next year. And this is somehow good for us?

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"deflation mindset" caused by consumers and employers used to long periods of low growth and deflation.

Bad explanation. For 20 years after the 1991 bubble burst, corporations and employers cut workers wages year after year through bonus reductions while the super rich got super duper rich. If that doesnt create a "deflation mindset" among regular consumers, I'd like to know what does.

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Does this mean they'll cut the interest on my checking account? Lol...

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If the yen reaches 80 to the US dollar, I don't think interest will make a great difference on your yen savings.

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A recession brewing before the Olympics?

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