BOJ maintains policy; says economy slowly reviving


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Good thing...he is wearing a mask most robbers do.

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"Japan's economy has started to pick up with economic activity resuming gradually, although it has remained in a severe situation due to the impact of the novel coronavirus at home and abroad," it said in a statement on Thursday.

If the economy were reviving then Japan would be seeing wage push inflation-it is not!

Asking staff at one of the biggest flagship stores in Osaka yesterday, about demand for one of their premium products, the response was that demand was....down.

At peak time in the evening, I didn’t have to queue to make a purchase.


People are looking, not buying.

Asking over 10 people about their travel plans this weekend, only two said that they would take advantage of the discount travel plan offered by the government.

Japan is in a recession and it shows...

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Sloooooowly... he means

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The MoF have been saying that since 1992. Nobody believed it then, nobody believes it now...

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