Bank of Japan stands pat ahead of Fed decision

By Alastair Pike

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"The figures again fell far short of the two percent inflation that the BOJ has long set as its target..."

So, Kuroda has failed for how many years now, but continued to put Japan in further debt to itself of decades to come. He'll be dead, so he doesn't care, but we should.

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"Stand pat"??  Not like there is anything he can do to try and achieve his silly and made up 2% target.  what he should be doing is raising rates.....

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Well the Japanese government is working against his policies with all the tax raising. If Japan wants inflation, the answer is so simple. Just cut sales taxes.

But the problem is Tokyo is addicted to the people's money and making pet projects. They can't cut taxes without slashing all the bloated social services. It's taboo.

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