Bank of Japan survey shows more optimism over economic recovery


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surprisingly enough Japan is doing remarkably well.

the GDP is still in positive numbers. and jobs are being created every day.

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Let’s call it optimism bubble economy. lol

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The Tankan is wishful thinking, smoke and mirrors disinformation and simply confirms the truism about ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Comparing things now with how they were when lockdowns were in full force distorts sentiment because it’s coming off an extremely low base. Those who are doing it hard, suffering under the expectation that they continue to ‘ganbaru’ and suck it up, deserve better than mere words telling them how fortunate they are to be living in this best of all possible worlds. JT should be leading the way, sending their fearless and intrepid reporters out onto the streets to conduct a Tankan of their own.

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Sigh. I have been hearing the same garbage from the Japanese bureaucracy for a year now; however, nothing changed in reality.

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there are folks dying whilst other folks are dying to shop, thus has it always been

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With cases rising recently in a "fourth wave," worries are growing about the Tokyo Olympics, set to open in July, with tens of thousands of people, including athletes, business and government officials and media, entering the country from abroad.

4th wave, just like the 3rd wave was declared when cases during the 2nd wave didn't fall naturally but lower numbers were attained through systematic reduction of the PCR tests performed. Same this time, testing was reduced, contact tracing abandoned entirely and the numbers fell like an object in free fall and now testing has been ramped up and the number of positive cases has increased they are talking of a 4th wave, well the sheepy will believe anything thrown at them

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Are these the news that the minister of propaganda is feeding to their people?

Honestly I don’t believe anything coming from these LDP bureaucrats.

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Optimism it is.

Then I better buy more BTC for my Yen.

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People must look at things from multiple perspectives and directions. All the visitors coming can contract the virus from the majority of asymptomatic Japanese and bring it back home and spread it to their own families and friends, and then you will watch their economies tank once again.

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It strikes me that some here are not happy unless they are unhappy about something. Japan has had it easy compared to many nations during this pandemic, having avoided the sorts of mass human suffering many nations endure. Count your blessings instead of constantly grousing. Just me but I would rather truck along at a steady pace than experience soaring increases in wealth followed by big crashes. There is much to recommend consistency.

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