Bank of Yokohama implements ‘plain clothes interview’ in hiring new graduates


The Bank of Yokohama (Yokohama City, Kanagawa) will ask new graduates to wear plain clothes instead of suits during the interview process, according to a Nihon Keizai Shimbun report. Bank officials say the idea is to help candidates feel relaxed and show more of their personality. The bank’s decision is based on its successful trial during its fiscal 2013 fall recruitment process.

In the past, the apparel industry and some venture companies implemented “plain clothes interviews” but no bank ever did it. The Bank of Yokohama’s policy might change students’ image of banks as being "serious" and "inflexible."

Source: Nihon no Jinjibu

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do you really need a personality to work at a bank?

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what's wrong with interviewing 1000+ plus candidates all wearing the same suit?

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Not sure if this would work for a bank, but it would definitely be conducive to "greater transparency" during marriage matchmaking.

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Would it help or hurt to wear gothic-lolita attire to the interview? I think its rather cute.

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Every dork can wear a 100 USD suit, but it takes a great deal of sense and intelligence to dress casually for an interview.

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Just wait and soon enough "plain clothes" will become a fixed and predetermined combination, which everyone will be wearing to bank interviews.

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The Bank of Yokohama's policy might change students' image of banks as being "serious" and "inflexible."

Yeah, unless you miss a payment.

This ploy is an insult to an applicants intelligence.

Applicants spend considerable time, effort, and money to get accredited, attired, and mentally "ready" before applying for a gig, and now it's all about plain clothes, and personality?


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