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U.S. banks report tougher credit standards in wake of failures


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A credit score is a slave score, demonstrate you can pay your bills,and have the cash money,the bank treat you as a outcast

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Here's an idea: crack down on small boutique banks that rake in masses amounts of uninsured cash from billionaires and then use the money to buy long-range, fixed rate bonds. And then, when the banks inevitably blow up, don't use federal deposit insurance to compensate the billionaires who aren't legally entitled to it anyway.

Oh, here's a better idea: make everyone suffer - consumers and small businesses - for the stupidly and bad judgement of a tiny number of billionaires and their super rich bankers.

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Here's an idea: crack down on small boutique banks that rake in masses amounts of uninsured cash from billionaires and then use the money to buy long-range, fixed rate bonds.

I mean that is kind of what banks do. Would you prefer they be in real estate given how that ended up?

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A bank can only make a maximum of about 60 thousand a year ,a bail bond company can make 100 thousands dollars cash on a bail bond,

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On a million dollar

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One bank.say if you are a Private Wealth customer,you can withdraw up too 100 thousands dollars a day,is this strange a bank giving you an allowance,with own money,like a child

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American are doomed,not taking the debt ceiling seriously

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It's a market strructure manufactured crisis by short-sellers trying to pressure FED to cut rates, while 'core' inflation remains above 5%, just like in Aug of last year. Seems shorts now panicking now, banks flush with cash, new Fed Credit - big $firehose$!

Inflation's entrenched, wage inflation high, home real prices strong as inventory for re-sale very low, thus lots of new home construction. and rent inflation is durable as there's overall housing shortage. Meanwhile, Govt. spending thru the roof, +$100B/month vs. last year.

Regional banks, forming overall sector index did not lose deposits in most recent quarter ending Q1 and expanded their credit activities, which is inflationary. Sure, couple banks were poorly managed but the other 4000+ did ok.

Inflation's the cancer, disproportionate tax on poor, working and middle-class families, cutting rates would only make it worse. While inflation remains elevated Fed will not cut rates, that's clear, office building owners in large cities can bend over, nobody cares, companies leaving due to high taxes and crime, they choose poorly.

E.g. San Fran Commerical Vacancy, 35%, NYC, 100 million square feet and many subleasing, it's train wreck but overall US situation is soft landing for now, though clearly slowing as economic approval steadily drops...Biden 36%, lowest of any sitting Pres. 1.5 years out, no FED, pandemic election or other lifelines, so he'll have to either change course or continue to slide...

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Clay,if you are not physically living in the US right now ,you have no idea how American spend money, American generally spend money out of necessity or they do not really care,if they cannot afford it,their is nothing the Fed can do since American got these past stimulus checks,short of price control in good ,the FED is facing an uphill battle, i still respect your opinion

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Their are some American not taking a chance,Biden and Yellen are being sued by government union Google Government Union Debt Ceiling

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Agreed, most paycheck to paycheck with no real savings in America, pure necessity, It's about 60%. Top 20% solid, savings, investing, etc. for the most part, the third quintile, 60-80%, mixed, if single no problem, if family it's challenge.

Also big differences by region in terms of housing, taxes and energy especially, as everything else you buy on Amazon or Walmart. Third quintile in Kansas way different than Cali for example, where it's high tax, high housing and high energy costs.

So you know, effort to pressure the FED totally related to next year's election, nothing to do with proper monetary policy fighting inflation, imagine core inflation 5.6% in latest read and bond markets pricing custs? Crazy but true. Debt ceiling another tool in their toolkit but it toothless as i've written before, US Govt. revenues remain intact, debt serving will continue shutdown or no shutdown, pure media circus

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Distills down to this:

The FED is evil.

Nixon going off the gold standard was evil.

Fractional reserve banking is evil.

See 1.
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And so is not allowing numbered lists...

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Seems so regarding 'Evil', hard to print money to infinity with gold standard. Much of World's Geopolitical & Other problems due to Central Bank Money Printing.

Central Banking Money Printing - #1 reason entrenched global inflation, causing massive global Starvation & Malnutrition. KEY argument China, Russia and others make when appealing to Global South, other of course the lovely Destabilizing US NATO War Machine

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Consumer prices in the United States rose again in April, and measures of underlying inflation stayed high, suggesting that rising costs could persist for months to come.

Prices rose 0.4 per ent from March to April, the government said Wednesday, up from 0.1 per cent from February to March. Compared with a year earlier, prices climbed 4.9 per cent, down slightly from March’s year-over-year increase.


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