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Banks see gloomy year as negative rates depress loan income

By Taiga Uranaka

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I don't follow the others, but Mitsubishi UFJ has decent exposure to the US and SE Asia. With the yen being expensive, it is time to start buying up banks overseas.

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A good article again illustrating how monetary easing does little to boost economic growth

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Japan is looking like a disaster with its massive debt and lackluster economy....

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Oh come on, banks never lose. They loan money they don't actually have and charge interest on it then charge big fees to write some crumby statement that cost them next to nothing then manipulate xrates with impunity or negligible fines, and on top of that they will foreclose your property on a whim. So how is it ever hard for the banksters? When you borrow money its an asset on their ledgers and when you deposit they hate it because its a liability on their ledgers. Can't say I feel sorry for the poooor banks at all. What a scam they run, and then cry about how tough it is.

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I'm waiting for a bank to pay me for taking out a loan-it won't be long now....

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