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Battery-powered trains emerge as lower-cost, eco-friendly alternative


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Could use LNG as a segue to electric. = Many bunker fuel type (diesel) ships are making this transition.

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Interesting technology!

With spare plug'n play batteries that can be swapped in and out with a crane, or as in Formula E, a back-up engine waiting at the half-way point, etc., surely distances could be exponentially increased.

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LNG or fuel cell technology might be a better bet. LNG is already used for buses in Japan. It is proven technology.

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I think it's time for oil&gas people to consider other industry's career.. or should I wait until I see an aeroplane flown by battery as well..? This battery if she will marry solar panel and other source such cold fusion then its doomsday for oil&gas.. eww!!

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And the power for charging the batteries them comes from where? Conventional power stations, geo-thermal, solar, hydroelectric, wind/wave, or worst case, nuclear power stations?

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Huge difference between LNG (must be cooled) and CNG (just compressed). Those busses are most likely CNG. You can easily compress Natural Gas at home to get CNG also. (Japan generally does not have natural gas lines at home due to earthquakes etc)

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