Battle for lungs and minds as tobacco control treaty meeting opens

By Nina Larson

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Who cares if they quit or not. So long as clean people can live unpolluted lives and go to smoke-free restaurants and bars, that will suffice, If the druggies want to kill themselves, more power to them.

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If the druggies want to kill themselves, more power to them.

That's hardly rational. Mankind is killing itself in so many ways, tobacco being just one of them.

I've seen friends die from smoking-related disease and still I smoke. It's an addiction, for sure but it's also our choice.

I'm prepared. But I also welcome any intelligent ways to combat the addiction.

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How devoid of any empathy or conscience are the tobacco company shareholders and execs whose product is responsible for 7 million deaths per year.

What kind of morally bankrupt and callous people are they? Very sad.

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