Beer, beer-like shipments down for 2nd month


Beer and quasi-beer shipments in Japan dropped 5% from a year before to 38,110,000 cases in April, declining for the second straight month, industry data showed Friday. The decline seems to stem from price hikes by Sapporo Breweries Ltd and Suntory Ltd in April following markups by Kirin Brewery Co in February and Asahi Breweries Ltd in March.

By category, shipments of beer decreased 11.3% to 19,405,000 cases, incurring a double-digit fall for the second consecutive month. Shipments of "happoshu" low-malt beer-like beverages decreased 2.5% to 10,016,000 cases, down for the third straight month.

Meanwhile, shipments of so-called third-segment alcoholic beverages, which have little or no malt content, grew 9.3% to 8,689,000 cases, rising for the second month in a row, on the back of consumer demand for cheaper products.

By maker, shipments by Kirin, which raised prices ahead of rivals, rose for the first time in three months.

But Asahi and Sapporo posted drops after seeing a last-minute demand surge before their price hikes.

Suntory enjoyed growth in shipments as the company implemented price hikes only for a limited range of products and its third-segment product "Kinmugi" sold well.


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It will be interesting to see these numbers as the weather in Japan heats up. I can see how in troubled times people want to medicate as cheaply as possible.

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The most accurate barometer of health of Japan's economy.

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Sorry everyone, I had gas. Heartburn. I will do better this month, sales will be back on top.

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Even after decades in Japan I cannot see what justifies the ridiculously high prices of beer here.

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Yes, there appears to be a gentlemen's agreement between the beer makers as to the price. A standard can of premium beer in Japan costs 300% more than in North America, which makes no sense at all.

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A standard can of premium beer in Japan costs 300% more than in North America, which makes no sense at all.

Nope, just LOTS of yen.

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I've been drunk for the last 2 months I swear I've been doing my bit.

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I must be the culprit here... I switched to Kentucky Bourbon. Partly for the tax break on imported spirts, partly for my waistline.

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