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Behind flashy IPO of flea market app Mercari lies a thriving thrift economy

By Sam Nussey and Stanley White

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Belrick there is a site for that already, yahoo auctions. But i think you will find that prices for items on there are not far off the prices on Mercari (at least for items i have looked for)... which suggests that the people are willing to pay that much for those things - thats just the market price.

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You can find good deals on Mercari but indeed some people are so goddamn greedy, half of the time it's cheaper to buy new on Amazon and people seem to refuse to take any kind of major loss on their used crap, and if you point it out they block you instantly. On the other hand, you sometimes get someone who clearly has no idea what they're selling and severely underprice their item, but such things are rare.

It's also infested with dropshippers and fake luxury goods and Mercari seems uninterested in solving the problem.

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Have you seen the prices people ask in Mecari? Might as well buy new! It's like a recycle shop here charging near new prices for old goods! Make it like ebay and it'd be worth using!

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I have used Treasure Factory many times to buy second hand furniture. Never had a problem with their goods.

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BOJ blaming people for buying second hand clothes, as having a negative effect on the economy? How about they pull their head out, and realise it's their policies that have driven people to buy second hand. If you don't have money you can't spend it!

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