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Bernie Sanders leads union push at Nissan plant in Mississippi


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Strange that for companies such as this union membership is compulsory in Japan (because unions are toothless and weak, so allow management to keep a stranglehold on workers) but they actively try to discourage unions overseas where unions have actual power & sway. Well, not so strange after all I suppose.

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Unions are the main money source for the Democrats, (besides shaking down the banks with phony prosecutions which result in settlements paid to Democratic "social groups"), so Bernie was actually doing a campaign fundraiser.

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Wasn't his communist sidekick Sharpton there with him?

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UAW has big income for collecting membership dues and Pension funds. Not as big as Teamster when Jimmy Hoffa was chair and loaned to Mafia's small business men to create casinos in Nevada but UAW invests to legitimate business. More union members, more investment and more income. Because Japanese companies in USA like automated factories, they are not unionized in USA. I am afraid Nissan will close Canton and move out from hillbillies State. Maybe good for Canton people to get rid of factory that is unsafe.

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The employees understood that their employer was non union and they took the jobs. Now Bernie comes along and tries to coerce the emplyees to unionize (happens near all non union plants where UAW goons harass these guys).

Just hold the line and don't do it.

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After Nissan move out Canton, Nissan will not oppose Canton people join Union. W knows? Maybe none Japanese automakers may move in Canton. Ask socialists.

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I think the US should send a message and stop buying Nissan cars - period. Japan is a guest in the US market, bad manors and the US consumer will send you home as they should.

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@Mike:Are you going to bring back GM and Ford from China? Nissan is all over in US Street.

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Good old Uncle Bernie! What a Man!- Always looking for the Rainbow somewhere in that Big Red Hammer & sickle! He took a Dive for HRC & now he want to "Help" these poor underpaid coolies- What a Guy!!!!

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If the Canton plant is unionized, Nissan will never open another auto plant in America, ever. The workers in Canton may get more in pay and benefits, but it will come at the cost of future workers, who will have no jobs at all.

Nissan is already the highest paying manufacturer in Mississippi, but the push for unionization has more to do with the greed of the union itself. As unions have priced labor out of the America market, jobs have left the country, reducing union membership, union dues, and the political power exercised by unions. Unless more workers are unionized, unions themselves will one day vanish from America, just like manufacturing has vanished from Detroit (for which the unions are greatly responsible).

People argue very much about "sustainability" when it comes to food, energy, and resources, but never when it comes to the cost of labor. Unions generally raise the cost of labor to unsustainable levels, the proof of this is the shuttered factories around America, and the new factories booming in other countries.

Your typical UAW worker gets between $60 to $70 per hour in pay and benefits to "turn a screw". Many a university-educated professional does not earn that much money. And many Americans cannot afford to buy cars which cost so much to build (a large percentage of the price of a car is made up of the labor costs, and labor legacy costs), so more parts, components, and complete cars are being built outside America.

Bernie knows all about this, any person with an objective mind and a fundamental understanding of economics does. But there are precious few people with objective minds, and fewer still who know anything about economics. And it is because Bernie knows this, but still fights to increase union membership that he is no different from any other politician, who tells his supporters what they want to hear (which is very seldom the truth).

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The Unionists were the main reason for the American manufacturers went to broke and gone overseas.

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