Beyond Volkswagen: 8 companies that have behaved badly

By The Associated Press

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And there are many more companies that haven't been caught. Volkswagen execs must be gnashing their teeth thinking, 'Had it not been for that goddamn West Virginia University emission study!'

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Tip of the iceberg...

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Being green sells. So beautify your stinkers, be it diesel or hybrids

Who believes only one car company cheats on emissions. Whom? Govts, geeks or users?

Already the likes of Caterpillar or Mack trucks went through the same disgrace of greening vehicles secretly.

So whats new?

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TOYOTA MOTOR CORP was dumbest company of that all fraudulent Companies. Toyota cars were not found any faulty in ECU but the only faulty were brain of peoples from management team at Toyota North America.

NASA study, commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), found no problem with Toyota's electronic throttle control system, which appears to leave "pedal misapplication" as the most identifiable source of unintended acceleration. Drivers’ fault was becoming car’s fault.

Toyota Honcho in Japan wasn't thinking too much and taken all responsible when Patriotic US medias fuel campaign against Japanese car maker Toyota was taken off. US car makers have benefited from US Medias made up story about Toyota cars unintended acceleration. Toyota North America management team was falling into American plaintive Lawyer trap and US political play ground.

The problem was Toyota North America doesn't know whether unintended acceleration in Toyota cars is truth or false because they never took seriously and never serious investigation on drivers complaint. It cost Toyota billions of dollars and damage Toyota reputation of best reliable passenger cars in the world.

Thanks to stupidity of management team of Toyota North America, US treasury department has added a billion dollars in Federal Bank. Drivers were escaped from prosecution and put some money in the pocket from Toyota. Couples of Zero were added to bank account of Plaintive Lawyers. They have bought new home and new Mercedes car for wife and holiday to Caribbean Island. Also Members of Class action lawsuit against Toyota have some money in pocket and plaintive are still driving their faulty Toyota car to Las Vegas for another luck.

One year ago, VW was warned by its own staffs and its suppliers about using emission manipulating software for emission test. For VW, the Company has no other choice and the Company has to continue to cheat emission with software once they have used emission manipulating software because VW couldn't afford to stop making TDI Diesel Engine cars. There will be question about why VW has stopped world most economy and lowest emitting fossil fuel power engine If VW was stopped making TDI Diesel engine. I believe VW officials understand its emission data cheating will be caught one day but it couldn't find the way out and couldn’t fix emitting problem. I believe VW can not fix it. If VW can lower emitting in it TDI Diesel car and then it will be very expensive and need to use a lot of expensive mineral Platinum and Palladium in catalytic converter. Also Laser ignition technology can help to burn more Diesel Oil in engine but Laser ignition technology was yet to be commercialized and still in testing stage.

The curtain call for VW TDI Diesel engine technology was almost certain for VW. By the way, VW was not first Car Company which cheating emission with the emissions defeat device. VW was 11th offender.

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Would that be VW North America?

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if you look at all the fines GM $900million is the cheapest but there faults killed the most people 169. while Toyota paid 1.2billion , Just proves when it a good old American company theyll get away with a slap on the wrist.

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